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Syd, Emily's body, and Dixon arrive back after last episode's Tuscany encounter 

Dixon's sorry about Emily

and Syd's supportive

In an unknown location with over-exposed lighting

Irina says time is running out with their plan -  the CIA may be on to them if they have the genetic database, and there are only three more episodes in the season

and Sloane says who cares, and he wishes he never heard of Rambaldi

and Irina says hang in there, they almost know everything Rambaldi knew

Back in LA, Syd wants more action on the Irina and Sloane hunt front

What about the earrings? What about Caplan, the guest star kidnapped three episodes ago, and why hasn't his wife told us more?

Jack says earrings take time, and that if she wants to quiz Elsa Caplan, just do it

So she does, and tells Elsa they won't find her hubby unless she
comes up with more info, like during a hypnosis sesson

and Elsa says no way, and it's not her fault

Back in over-exposure land, Irina gives Caplan a new task,
decoding a database of 10,000 people to find a specific man

but Caplan's had enough of their work

so Irina says here, call your family with my nifty phone that lets you hear but not talk, and you'll feel better

which makes him feel slightly more willing to work

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