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Syd doesn't listen to Dad and visits Elsa

who is now stuck in Irina's old cell, with her son somewhere else, and she's mad

Syd uses her secret broadcasting watch which only Elsa can hear to get Elsa to Morse Code the locator code she'll need to input into the locator thingee to locate Caplan

just before Jack gets Syd kicked out of Elsa's cell block

Meanwhile, Irina threatens Caplan with a little killing if he doesn't
get the decoding done fast

and Caplan is pushed a bit too far

and decides some Irina garroting is good, until

Sloane comes in, and shoots him in the leg and thinks
a little further shooting might be good

which looks bad for Caplan, until

Irina talks Sloane out of this target practice

Meanwhile, back in LA, Dixon and his wife have a heart to heart

Diane's cool now with Dixon's spy gig

and Dixon gets all emotionally happy

Meanwhile, Sloane calls ...

NotFrancie to get satellite images of the shooting in Tuscany so
Sloane can find out who shot Emily

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