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Moscow time

and country western time for Syd at a night club

where she asks for a contraband locator from the black market supplier there

who says he won't discuss it unless Syd rides the mechanical bull

so Syd bucks and gets the locator

Back in LA, Jack goes visiting Elsa in her cell

who listens to Jack cast aspersions on her wifely-for-hire status

and on her fitness for motherhood. When Jack adds a few threats about not seeing her son again,

Elsa breaks down crying

and to Jack starts thinking

Meanwhile, Syd calls Vaughn from Russia to tell him the locator shows Caplan in Spain, which is where she is headed

and Vaughn says, me, too

which prompts Weiss' observation that Jack will probably shoot Vaughn for this,
and that Weiss will definitely not give Vaughn a drawer if they end up as cell mates

Back at Syd's house, NotFrancie does a little tampering with Will's cell phone

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