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Back in LA

Vaughn watches Syd work in bed

Vaughn diverts Syd from work in bed

Vaughn diverts female audience with view of his pecs and his tattoo

Vaughn covers it all up, a diversion in itself

Syd makes Vaughn a proposition he can't refuse - the middle drawer for his stuff

and now Vaughn is diverted

Undiverted Syd gets back to the phone records
for Elsa Caplan and discovers some suspicious calls

which she asks Elsa about

who explains that the calls were from her handler and that she's a Russian spy who was ordered to marry Neil Caplan

and Syd's all, no kiddin', wow, my mom's a Russian spy too, and you got any idea what the message we intercepted from your handler means - the word "endgame"?

and Elsa says that she injected her hubby with a homing device and cyanide
capsule combination, and the message is that her bosses are going
to terminate hubby, and she starts to cry

Back at the CIA 

Syd suggests a plan to rescue Caplan by finding him with a locator thingee that can track his homing/cyanide thingee, and all she needs to do is contact some black market locator thingee dealer

and Jack says no wat, Elsa is probably lying

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