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After leaving Elsa's cell, Syd drives to a drug store

while being trailed by a CIA agent who is reporting this all to Jack

Back at the CIA, Vaughn is busily confessing the drawer story
to Weiss, who is jealous of drawers in general

when Syd calls Vaughn and gives him

an earful of a strangely coded message

After several trips down the store aisles, and with the help of some
shelf liner, a wig, and makeup, Syd tranforms herself into ...

Sorority Sydney!

who latches onto some new sorority sisters

and makes her escape from the store undetected by her CIA tail

Meanwhile, Vaughn and Weiss work out Syd's message

while Vaughn poses for the camera looking serious and

writing out the code from the first letters of one of Syd's sentences, an anagram spelling Russia

A bit later, Jack finds out that Vaughn found out
that Syd is going to Russia and didn't tell him

Vaughn says, so why not give her back up if she's already gong?

Jack says that although Vaughn is in good with Syd, he ain't in so good with Jack, and that Vaughn is in deep doo dah if he doesn't tell Jack as soon as Syd contacts him again

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