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Back in LA, Caplan goes to see Elsa in her cell

and Elsa is very happy her hubby is still alive

and there is a nice smooch

Back at the Rotunda, Jack says Elsa has her Get Out of Jail Free card -
she's officially a defector

Syd says cool, and now that Caplan has given them his laptop's decoded genetic database, we know how to go after  Irina and Sloane, but we're not saying how these two facts relate until a future episode

Jack says great, and if you go behind my back again, you're grounded

Sometime later, the Dixons and the Syd/Vaughns at a restaurant

Diane tells Syd she's sorry she kicked her out of the house that last time

and Syd says no biggee

and Dixon gives a biggee grin, now that Diane is OK with him being a spy

Meanwhile at the CIA, Marshall has some bad news

He's found a humongous leak of info of the Tuscany satellite video that was downloaded illegally by someone in their office

Jack's all silent Great Googly Moogly

Outside the restaurant, Syd and Vaughn pose for an attractive picture
as they say goodnight to the Dixon's

As Marcus says bye, his wife and her Ford Exploder


courtesy of NotFrancie

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