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Later at the CIA, Marshall moment with Will

who breaks the moment to answer a phone call from Not Francie

who asks for a recipe on the Internet from Will

but while Will goes for the food,

NotFrancie and her cell phone gizmo download the Tuscany satellite footage which shows the reluctant Emily asssassin is Dixon

which Sloane sees and gets real mad

Back in Spain, the agents meet in the traditional CIA liplock

Vaughn admits he's fully prepared with guns and Kevlar

and Syd says they'd better get moving because the cyanide capsule thingee is ready to blow in about ten minutes

Inside the Spanish building, Caplan works at decoding the database

while taking a moment to ask Sark who and why Sark is there

and Sark says he's a Brit boarding school product who wants what he didn't have, which may have meant a good set of Crayolas except we'll never know in this episode since the sound of gun fire has him leaving the room 

Meanwhile, Syd and Vaughn enter, and Vaughn goes after Sark while

Syd explains to Caplan that his wife is a spy

and Caplan says yeah, I know, I work for the NSA myself

and just in the nick of time, Syd removes the cyanide from Caplan's arm, 
while Vaughn chases Sark unsuccessfully through the building, and then
everyone goes home

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