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No Irina this episode, but we got a nice picture of her 
from the "Previously on Alias" bit    Larger    

Lots of violence in this episode

starting with Dixon beating a guy and threatening to blow up some C4 he had in his pocket if the guy didn't talk

Lots of Syd yelling, What the heck are you doing, Dixon?

Lots of CIA monitors monitoring the situation and saying they need ...

Lots of Vaughn pointing a gun at Dixon

But wait, it ain't happenin' yet! Back 72 hours and

Dixon at his wife's wake

with concerned co-workers

and sad daughter

and Dixon going for a bottle of pills

and Vaughn spotting Dixon going for the pills

which Vaughn tells Syd about later

Syd says he's just trying to cope, like she did after Danny

and Vaughn looks uncomfortably
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