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Back in LA

Barnett the Shrink asks Dixon about how he is after his wife's murder and all

and Dixon says he'll make it

Marshall gives some pointers to Syd about the fact that there are no records that
Di Regno ever had heart surgery or a heart transplant, and that Carrie says Hitler
was a painter, which may or may not mean anything since Di Regno was an art
restorer and Rambaldi drew stuff

And Syd's all, ah, Marshall called her Carrie, when suddenly looming behind her is ...

very upset Dixon, who wants to know if Syd talked to Barnett the Shrink, and he's worried because he has to take a drug test, and he's been taking Vicodin, but he's off now but it will show anyway

and Syd says no, she didn't talk to Barnett   Larger    

and then corners Vaughn in the flirting corner, and Vaughn says, yeah, he called Barnett on Dixon

and Syd is all, that is sooo patronizing

and Vaughn is all, this conversation stops right here

Switching to a nice mountainy picture of the Himalayas

Sloane and guide stop for a parlay

Sherpa of indeterminate ethnic origin says he won't take Sloane all the way he wants to go because people who come back from there are changed

and Sloane says, OK, and for once in his entire career as outlined in this series,
he does NOT plug the disagreeing indeterminate Sherpa, but instead pats the guy
on the back and goes on alone, thus exhibiting changes already

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