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Back in Nepal, Sloane climbs and climbs and finds ...

Shangri La, secretive monastery hidden in the mountains where movies are made from Ronald Coleman classics into bad musicals with attractive Swedish actresses ...

Well, OK, wrong Swedish actress, but he could have thought that, and my, aren't the CG reflections on his shades impressive

What Sloane was really thinking is that he needs to see Conrad

whom he finds in an attractively lit room

Sloane tells Conrad, you made me betray the CIA and all my loved ones ...

and you're soooo dead, you monk Conrad you. In short, your legend is NOT continuing even in syndication


Back at the CIA, at long last, 72 hours has passed and the monitors monitor

while Action Vaughn and Delta Force sneak around with flashlights and guns

and Dixon threatens to

blow up the C4

and Syd looks worried

and Vaughn doesn't want to have to shoot Dixon

and the guy they are after decides to confess and tells them where they can find the pseudo cardiac pumping mechanism

And Dixon says, just kidding!!

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