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At some undisclosed location, Sark comes to Sloane re the genetic database guy
they've been looking for, who is in Panama City

Sloane is all, I killed the wrong person and I'm not happy, and I'm going on holiday, and re the genetic database guy we've been looking for, call this number and tell the guy at the other end what to do

Sark is all, don't give up the ship, and OK

Back at the CIA in LA

Jack introduces his new boss of the week ...      Larger    

NSA Deputy Director Brandon, who is heading a task force on all things Rambaldi and is helped by ...

cute Carrie Bowman, who says they have had a breakthrough due to a Mr. Flinkman

Mr. Flinkman, aka Marshall, explains about the doodles on the pages he copied of
the Rambaldi heart document that Irina swiped, and how they were a genetic code
which they discovered in the genetic database they got last episode matched ...

this guy, an art restorer who is living in Panama City, named Proteo Di Regno

Carrie explains that this guy's DNA sequencing also helped to decrypt Page 94 of
the Rambaldi heart manuscript full of apocalyptic events prophesied:
9/7/1812 Napoleon gets creamed by the Russians
6/28/1914 Archduke Ferdinand gets it and starts WWI
8/6/1945 Hiroshima

Syd asks for a future date prophesied and Brandon says 48 hours from now

So the plan is to send Dixon and Syd to Panama to grab the art restorer and bring him to LA before apocalyptic time   Larger    

When Syd and Dixon get to Panama City, they discover that someone else was there
first, and the art restorer is minus a heart

Syd discovers

that the dead guy had the Rambaldi sign tattoo between his thumb and forefinger

and Marshall works on some fingerprint parts that Syd relays to him from a piece of
latex glove she finds on the dead body

and matches the print to a freelance assassin known as Emilio Vargas, with an
address in Guadalajara

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