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Back at the CIA, Vaughn thinks Dixon should get some counseling and some needed
recuperation time before any more missions

and Jack says he's the one who recruited Dixon and lied to him and got him involved with Sloane in the first place, and now he doesn't want to be the guy to take away Dixon's chance to catch Sloane

and Vaughn is all, silently disapproving Oh

Meanwhile, Marshall helps a teary-eyed Carrie

who is crying due to Joni Mitchell songs and then starts to talk to Marshall,

whom she discovers is a real soul mate and not gay   Larger    

and she says they should get sushi if the world doesn't end tomorrow

Across the room, Vaughn decides to call Barnett the Shrink and rat on Dixon now
because the world might end tomorrow

In a colorfully violent club in Guadalajara

Syd and Dixon find ...

Emilio Vargas

and proceed to beat him up

and break a few bones, getting Vargas to reveal that the heart he took from the art restorer
wasn't his heart but was mechanical

Syd looks great, somewhat perplexed by this talk of a pseudo cardiac pumping mechanism, and freaked by Dixon's bone crunching

and Dixon looks freaked and wild

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