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Back in LA, Vaughn drops by with apologies and the news that Dixon passed his drug test

and Syd gives some apologies

and a hug, but is worried

and so heads off afterwards to ...

Dixon's house

Syd tells Dixon that she has been called in to see Barnett the Shrink tonight

and Dixon is all, please don't tell her I switched the test results or I don't know how I can support my kids

Barnett the Shrink asks Syd for her opinion on Dixon

and Syd lies through her teeth and says that all is well

Meanwhile, on a bridge in an NotFocus Ford, Dixon stops, gets out ...

and contemplates jumping

Later, at the CIA, mission session about trip to Cartegena, where they've tracked
the pseudo cardiac pumping mechanism

Jack tells Syd and Vaughn to go get the pseudo cardiac pumping mechanism before the apocalyse deadline

Brandon tells them if they don't, they should blow up the docks in Cartegena to make sure no one gets the whatever

and Syd and Vaughn look photogenic

and Dixon arrives late

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