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Back in Nepal, with Sloane and Conrad

and Conrad's Rambaldi box

and the secret inside Conrad's Rambaldi box   Large    

Sloane asks why Conrad didn't tell all 30 years ago

Conrad says, because you had to learn by yourself to click your heels together and say, There's no place like Rambaldi, and because you weren't ready for this section of the Rambaldi writings, Grizzled Grasshopper

Sloane reads and looks freaked, and Conrad says his journey is just beginning,
and we all have to wonder if it's going to be uphill, like the trek he just made, or
downhill, or maybe a little of both depending on the episode

Back in Cartegena, the Delta Force team finds the


while the CIA waits for the apocalypse

Jack says time's up, so you're outta here

and so another guest star in a government overseer role leaves the room, making us long once more for the mobile face of Deputy Director Kendall

Back in Cartegena, Dixon and Syd talk

and Dixon explains about almost jumping, except he started to think about his kids,
and so Syd gives him a big supportive hug

Back in LA, ice cream

and apologies for not trying to not disappoint from Syd   Larger    

and, after parsing the Nots, acceptance from Vaughn    Larger    

And as the thrid episode before the season finale comes to an end, Syd and Vaughn
meander off into a pleasant week before the penultimate and ultimate episodes air that
will forever change the show and blow our minds, or so The Powers That Be promise ..
or is that threaten ...

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