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It's LA, full of sun and beaches and ...

jogging Sydneys and ...

lurking Sloanes

Sloane's having a great time: being a double agent, getting a chance to lie to everyone,
telling Sydney that the Covenant's got a new gig and he's put the info hidden at a web
for the CIA to retrieve, and can we be friends again? And maybe work with your dad too?

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Meanwhile, at a hockey rink, Vaughn takes practice shots at Weiss

Seems poor married Vaughn is feeling kinda bad, having to keep the news from his wife that Sydney killed Lazarey, since Lauren could really use that news to help her assignment to find Lazarey's killer, and since she'll probably find out anyway at which time his name's mud

Weiss elucidates, implying that it is a difficult arrangement that Vaughn has forced upon himself, oh perspicacious detective

For that, Weiss gets it where it hurts

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