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At the CIA's JTF

Dixon explains the secret of Sloane's web message

Seems this guy, now in hiding, invented a device that can bypass all Russian security and take charge of Russia's nukes

Now Jack, it seems, is relegated to mere exposition in this episode, explaining that the
guy with the nuke control gizmo has gone into plastic surgery and hiding from the Covenant,
who are after the gizmo. But they know he's picking up new ID papers in Milan


Vaughn doesn't say much - bad Vaughn, hitting Weiss in the particulars - but gets
assigned to go with Sydney to Milan to get the guy and the gizmo

After the meeting, Dixon tells Sydney and Lauren about their job switch. Now Sydney will be
Sloane's handler, since she knows the players better, in particular this week's guest star

Sydney is sorry to hear from Dixon that Allison Doren aka NotFrancie has reared her cloned head again into this season's plotline

while Lauren rears ... nevermind

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