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Sydney rushes to the elevator, only to find the guy dead

and to get clobbered by Allison, who sneaks up behind her, hits,

and looks ... hmm, kind of unanimated

Back at the CIA, it's Weiss and Syd, with tagging Vaughn
trying to figure out why Allison didn't whack Syd - Larger  

Syd doesn't know, but does know that Allison took the guy's tooth, and that they have found out what the tooth hid because of Lauren's idea

Seems Lauren reminded everyone that they could check the x-ray pics from the necklace
that Syd took of the guy and get a look at his teeth that way

Marshall gives the results of the x-ray pics, which show a radio frequency device
in the tooth that probably opens a vault or something where the nuke gizmo is

while managing at the same time to be condescending to the assembled ...


who sit there probably imagining torture devices to use on Marshall

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