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Somewhere in Strassburg

Sark's in a van getting orders for his next caper from ...

these guys, who drop off Sark so he can meet his new partner, who's got the mission details

Yep, it's Allison aka NotFrancie

Sark is quite attractively surprised, noticing the change in his ex-girlfriend, like the fact that she's breathing, and gets the scoop on Allison's near-death experience, which he gets...

in bed, where Allison explains that the Covenant found her and Sydney unconscious. Three weeks later, Allison wakes up in a hospital in Marseilles, and six months of rehab later she's back, now working for the Covenant, and not knowing Sark was too until just recently

Ah, It's the Observatory again, just like it use to be in the good ole days of Season
One, when Vaughn and Syd would meet in secret, not looking at each, passing info
back and forth

only this time, it's Lindsey and Lauren, not looking at each other, passing info back
and forth

Lauren daringly takes a peak at her boss and explains that she's not Sloane's handler anymore

Lindsey's OK with that, since he wants to send Lauren on a secret mission to Moscow to pick up info on Lazarey's murderer from an informant, and she can't tell her hubby

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