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In the latest Calvin Klein underwear ad time ...
uh, oops, no, just packing-in-underwear time at the Vaughns'

giving the audience nice shots

of the attractive couple, each with a secret
Lauren poses a suggestion, as she poses attractively, about getting away
from it all for a while, just the two of them
Editorial comment - a holiday for the viewers from the triangle? Ooo, can't wait!

In Moscow, Lauren meets with their informant

Seems this guy was a friend of Lazarey, and he expects the Covenant has a mole in the Russian government, so he wants the CIA to try to find his friend's killer and avoid the mole. The info is a digital recording of telephone conversations shortly before Lazarey's death

Lauren gets to explain, while wearing the latest fashion, she sounds like a Brit because she was raised in the UK where her father was a diplomat for the US

Meanwhile in Milan,

Syd's thinking about running into Allison and wanting to kill her if Allison still looks like Francie

Vaughn's thinking that maybe helping Syd hook the x-ray camera necklace from Marshall around Syd's neck isn't such a good idea

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