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Meanwhile, Lauren meets with an NSC tech person, not nearly as condescending
as Marshall, to see if they've got a clue on Lazarey's killer from the Moscow info

Hey, he found a female voice, electronically altered, setting up an apointment with Lazarey that would correspond to the same time as his murder

and tracing the call to an office in London

One more transatlantic flight later, in Zurich,

Sydney meets with Sloane, her new asset, and demands

that Sloane to find out where Sark and Allison are headed because that's where the gizmo probably is

and that Sloane wear a wire, which if discovered means she gets to hear Sloane die

In London,

Lauren goes to the location of the call the tech guy traced and finds an empty office, and

calls Lindsey, and

says, in her stylish combination look of attractive black coat, high boots, and coiffed head, bringing that essense of sophisticated couture to the spy business, that the office was leased by Julia Thorne

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