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It's Prague

where Allison and Sark get a visit from

Sloane, on his first new CIA assignment in twenty years

while Weiss and Sydney monitor

Sloane says, hey, did you know that the CIA is onto you, but don't worry, you tell me where you're going and I'll get a plane to take you there asap
Sark says they're going to Sofia, Bulgaria, that the gizmo's in a vault there, and thanks - Larger  
When Sloane asks Allison why she didn't kill Sydney when she had the chance, Allison says
she was ordered not to because the Covenant was anxious to recover something important
in Sydney's memory - Larger  

Back in LA, Sydney and Jack have another go-around about Sydney wanting to know
what secret she has in her mind, thinking about the NSC procedures, and Jack saying
brain damage

Dixon interrupts, says Sydney's outta here with Vaughn to Sofia to get the gizmo

Oh, and also, please kill Allison for me - Larger  

Uh, yeah, sure, you betcha

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