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It's a market in some foreign locale because it's got that foreign locale tint

There is this guy with the hat, saying some pass phrase to everyone he meets, with Weiss coming up behind him and correcting the phrase and sending him to the woman in the café

who is Sydney

Seems this guy has a weapon he wants to sell them, he'd like his money please,
but it will take a bit for the weapon to reappear because he swallowed it, and by the
way, he's feeling a bit cold


Now Vaughn is down in the market on the lookout for bad guys but spots

hmmm ... a blond ...

who is not Lauren

and then spots the bad guys

and tells Aliased Dixon about the sighting, as well as Syd who takes the weapon
swallower and runs out of the casbah

with a slight detour as a bad guy momentarily knocks down the swallower, until ...

Syd knocks out the baddie and helps a now-ailing weapon swallower to his feet

until the bottom of the weapon swallower's leg breaks off

and so he's grabbed by Vaughn and Syd and pulled towards a waiting van

while a baddie takes aim and shoots

which kind of shatters the weapon swallower

who is nothing more than chunks after the shot

which has Syd et al having a yuck moment

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