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At the designated time for confessions, Kiera drops in the tavern

Vaughn does his best to get the story out of Meghan/Kiera as to why she's unhappy at the hospital

which involves that fact that one time, her brother saved her, and now she owes him, but it's her one shame that she can't say no to him

Now Vaughn tries confessing first, telling Meghan/Kiera the story of his betraying
wife and how much he wanted to kill her and killing her, and then seeing her face
and knowing he did wrong and lots of sleepless nights, so sometimes murder
isn't so great, but there are other ways for Kiera to escape her brother and he'll help

There is brief talk about the tricky business of forgiveness, and Vaughn pressing for
Kiera to turn over her brother to him that night

and all this is going on with Sydney and Dixon listening

Back in LA, Nadia visits Dad Sloane, shows him the pic of Irina and baby

and asks if he knows anything about the baby

which gets her the vague answer that Mom was a private person and his relationship with Mom was brief and see ya later, as Sloane joins Jack in the enigmatic answer department

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