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Back in LA

Sydney greets Vaughn with a Good Morning, and you look awful

and Vaughn says, thanks a heap

In their nifty new and well-lit briefing room, Sloane goes over the caper for the episode

The weapon swallower was named Modell, and he was a relief worker working at a
hospital in Montenegro, as well as being an inept thief, and had tried to sell the CIA a
sample of a new biological agent he'd stolen called Ice 5

Amongst the Modell chunks, Marshall found a sample vial, which apparently leaked and then ruptured when Modell was hit in the casbah, and which apparently freeze-dried him on the spot

and the culprit who had been channeling Kurt Vonnegut and developing this freeze-drying Ice 5 is a baddie supposedly turned good named Fintan Keene

Syd takes the time for a snarky remark about reformed evil geniuses before they
get their assignments for the episode ...

Syd is suppose to go undercover at the hospital in Montenegro as a relief worker from Omnifam, with Dixon and Vaughn as her backup, in order to steal a sample of Ice 5

while Nadia and Weiss check out known terrorists who might be in the market for Ice 5

and Jack will spend the episode being enigmatic and misleading

Afterwards, at one of those nice coffee klatches

Vaughn tries a little bonding with Jack, from one guy who killed his terrorist wife to another, and asks, ever think you see her in a scene?

Yep, but I got over that, and unbonding Jack walks away, knowing full well she'd be in the guest credits if she were really there

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