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At Sydney and Nadia's house, Nadia looks at Sydney's family pics

which Syd says are replacements for photos that burned in her house fire at the
beginning of Season 3 and that Jack supplied the photos to her on her request

So there are pics of people, one of whom is suppose to be Irina

and one who looks a lot like Sydney

and one of Irina holding a baby

Nadia says, thanks, sis, haven't seen any pics of Mom that weren't mug shots until

Switch to Montenegro, a country for which Bad Robot must not have a lot of pics
available in their video clip library since this is all they show

Dixon's lurking and wired

to Vaughn

while Syd goes unwired and meets Nurse Kiera MacLaine and gets ...

her first assignmen - this guy

greased from head to toe - another yucky moment for Syd

Back in LA, it's Marshall discussing swallowing Ice 5 containers and what baby
Mitchell likes to swallow

and wondering what the heck Ice 5 might be used for and glad you like baby pics, Nadia

which has Weiss reminding Marshall of his marital status

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