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Well, it's time for Dixon and Vaughn to call home, to tell ...

Sloane and Jack the latest about Syd's report that an accident victim was brought into the hospital with Ice 5 signs and that nurse Kiera recognized the Ice 5 signs

Now Kiera seems to have a clean record, but she obviously knows something. And that something is hidden in an off-limits room at the hospital, which might be the lab for developing Ice 5

and Vaughn's got a plan to get the key card to access the lab

which involves him telling Dixon to slug him

which Dixon is willing to do

and which gets Vaughn into the hospital with beating injuries, dressed as a priest,
and getting ready for the mysterious Kiera to treat him

whicih she does, noticing his penchant for Glenlivet and apparently bar fighting

All this gives Syd an opportunity to pick Kiera's pocket, get the key card

and in the great tradition of Season 1, use a brush pass to get it to Dixon

who takes it into a private room to be duplicated by ...

his handy dandy lunch box and duplicating machine

and then executes another flawless brush pass giving both cards back to Sydney

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