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When the coast is temporarily clear, she peaks

and sees Fintan and goons

experimenting with Ice 5 spray on some chosen guinea pigs

All this means it's time for another conference call, as Syd reports to LA what she saw

which Sloane says is not good, because that means Keene's made the Ice 5 airborn

and thanks to Dixon relaying Syd's pics

APO gets it's first look at the lab and stuff

They also get the report that Nadia and Weiss have found the buyer for the Ice 5 in

Now Jack points out that they can't take down the lab, they can only get samples, since they don't have a tactical squad

but Vaughn says, hey, yes we can, if I can get Kiera's help to nab her bro and then we've got the lab

And the latest info on Kiera is that she's really Meghan Keene, known IRA terrorist
but of conflicted loyalties hopefully

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