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Back in LA

Jack stops by, says Keene is in custody, Syd et all are flying home, and may I
see the pic again?

Now Jack has this sweet story of how Irina
told him this was a pic of her holding her
neice, and how she wanted children of her own

and that Jack proposed to Irina the day after she said that, that he wanted Irina to look at his child that way some day

and that even though now he knows Irina was a liar, he prefers to be a believer

Seems maybe Nadia is a believer too

but heck, is this really the raised eyebrow of a believer?

Over the clouds

Dixon sleeps

Sydney and Vaughn have a quiet moment

where Syd says, hey, you can talk to me anytime

and Vaughn says, thanks

and goes to sleep in the middle of Syd's invite to spend the night


So who is the baby in the picture, and what do Jack and Sloane, and for that matter Sydney, know about the babe?

Did Vaughn really fall asleep, or is he just pretending?

Will Kurt Vonnegut say that 5 is almost 9?

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