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It's the airport in Krakow

Here is this nice lady physicist, all happy about going home to hubby and kids

except, oops, walk this way, please

while these two guys examine her suitcase

and end up taking her away for unspecified reasons that she begins to suspect when
they lead her to a wet tunnel where they tranq her

Back in LA

Jack meets the kids where they tell him ...

My dad's dead, the whole thing about him being alive was a hoax, and Sloane done did it

My mom's dead, and the whole thing about the hit on my life that caused you to rub her out was a hoax, and Sloane done did it

Jack says, leave the next doing to me

And that do is to take place in this men's room

Jack's not happy about being tricked into killing his wife just so Sloane could drive a wedge between Syd and Jack

and is ready to plug Arvin in the head, which has Sloane doing some fast reasoning

Sloane points out the uselessness of driving any wedge between Jack and Syd since
that wedgie wouldn't benefit Sloane, so why would I do it? It ain't me

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