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And so at last, Arvin Sloane meets the image of his spitting image

Seems this spitting image behaves in all ways like Sloane, including strategy and Rambaldi

Syd says, to defeat the Sloane, you must give yourself over to all of your Sloane-ness, and that includes Rambaldi-ness

So Sloane goes back to Rambaldi, via the DSR

and gets in the Rambaldi glow

of this piece of leather

Hey, there's the portrait with the secret code from the Vatican that Syd and Vaughn found in the first season!

And the famous Page 47 with its Sydney prophesy that has been totally ignored
since Season Two!

Hey, it's the leather case!

Back with the sis's, Syd says, hey, sorry I didn't believe your dad, he's not guilty,
and he's even going back to Rambaldi-ness for us

Not Rambaldi! It turns him crazy!

Uh ... oops?

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