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Back in LA, Nadia's smelling something fishy

There's all this Rambaldi-ness in this episode, and all these Sloanes, so maybe Dad's into Rambaldi

Daddy Arvin says, but I'm on the straight and Rambaldi-less narrow, and there are all those dangling plot threads that should be tied up sometime

Switch to the other place

Sloane won't take Sinclair's "can't" for an answer

so he sends this guy in with a belt sander to be used in inappropriate ways on poor Dr. Sinclair

Switch to the APO

Now Sloane wants to get to this other Sloane

Syd says, give Roberts the coil, get him to call Arvin Clone and we'll catch the other Sloane when he shows

A brief discussion ensues of the names given to the imposter by APO personnel:
there's Arvin Clone, Marvin Sloane, Rolling Sloanes, and BTW, shouldn't Sloane
recuse himself from this Rambaldi plotline?

Sloane says, this is personal, it's about me, and shows no amusement at the ability
of the APO to create names for the imposter

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