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Sloane's still there, in the shadow the prophesy

and in front of the clock

Eureka! He knows what's up

It's all for a a massive energy source, reveals Sloane, and all they
need to complete it is the coil and ...

a physiscist, one Margaret Sinclair gone missing from Krakow, and ...

zanthium, and it just so happens that Sloane traced an order for zanthium placed with an old friend in Sicily

and Sloane's picking it up himself

Nadia is worried - she's seen Daddy Arvin in his Rambaldi mode
and it's not pretty

But Sloane's not worried, 'cause he has pretty Nadia to think about

Switching continents (and screen resolutions due to WLS in Chicago
forgetting to switch back to high def after the commercials) it's Sicily

Throwing in another thread from Seaosn Three, Sloane's zanthium supplier asks about all those Omnifam food shipments to starving countries, and if those were legit or some kind of experiment, to which Sloane answers ...

Ahh, here's the zanthium!

He also gets the shipping locations this guy has been sending to
with other Sloane shipments recently

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