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Back at the APO

Jack and the kids are going over their findings

Jack says, not Sloane

Vaughn says, is too

Syd says, let's prove it by having Roberts, the bad guy from the last two eps, ID him

So they bring in Roberts to stare at ...

Arvin Sloane

The verdict - not the Sloane he met, but they sure are alike in their creepiness

which has Sloane off the hook but interested in finding the imposter

Back at the other location, Sinclair's been busy studying the fifteenth century plans

She points out that there are essential pieces missing, like a transformer coil, and that machine isn't going to get built without it

Sloane 2 points out she needs to find a way to do it without the missing pieces and is willing to try some persuasion

So he tells one of his goons to persuade her

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