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Well, it's off to Santiago, site of the false Sloane, and Arvin himself
is on the tactical team

which Dixon suggests is not exactly wise, given Sloane's Rambaldi dispositions

But Jack says Sloane must do what Sloane needs to do, which isn't much of an answer really

And so it's Santiago

Dixon and Vaughn shoot some guards

and unload their team at the facility

Now Sloane 2 is ready for the shipment

but decides to change directions when the intruder alert sounds

Pairing up for the infiltration, it's Syd and Sloane as partners

which Sloane thinks is kind of funky

and Syd says, yeah, yeah, and if this clone thinks like you, and the secret word to get us in starts with JA, what are the rest of the letters?

Sloane thinks and answers, JACQUELYN, and they're in

to this large room

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