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Contact is made in the bar, but seems the party has been moved to the penthouse

Just before they leave for higher floors, helpful 60's Sydney passes a secret mike to Roberts

and then hops in the next elevator, still anachronistically attired

So we've got Roberts and contact in one elevator, 60's Sydney in another elevator

Holy minolie, it's ...

a Sloane-like creature heading down in a third elevator, which Syd tells the others

Thinking like Sloane, which makes sense since he is Sloane, Sloane says,
aw shucks,
they're going to cut the cables

Indeed, that's what happens

and the elevator with Roberts and contact plunges as fast as the film can be speeded up

to be eventually pried open in the sub sub basement

and the Rambaldi coil removed and ...

handed to the other Mr. Sloane

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