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Back in the present at the APO, Jack checks in with Syd about how Dixon's doing,
and how Irina might actually be alive

Jack's all for the helix doubling of someone they wanted Jack to think was Irina

but Syd's skeptical because Dixon is still semi-comatose, because it all may be an Elena-engineered red herring to get them off her case, and because Jack needs a hope that he didn't kill his wife for no good reason

But they do add Irina to the Elena and Sloane list of those they most want to find

Weiss takes time out to needle Vaughn about asking Sydney to marry him

but Vaughn's cool, when the time is right

Now Nadia is busy researching

this guy Bishop, whom Jack had told Nadia had killed Irina

but gets some advice from Vaughn

who says, waste of time, you need to talk to Jack

At the moment, Jack's with Marshall. They've ID'ed one of the DSR raiders from a
security tape, and are looking for info on the guy in the Blackwell blackmail index

Seems the guy is named Nisard, and he's former Covenant

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