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Now Syd's feeling a little bit freaked out, so Vaughn gives her a kiss

and a 'hey, we're here, aren't we?' , and 'you light up my life', and other pop hit pep talk comments

which Syd finds cute

Anything else Vaughn might have said is interrupted by Marshall that they're go for
Nisard finding

Before she leaves, Syd takes a moment to tell Nadia she's sorry she didn't spill the beans about Dad Jack offing Mom Irina

Nadia says, hey, just find the Mom

First clue for the Mom search is in Ibiza in ....

yep, another night club, since all criminals everywhere spend every moment not in
conference in a nightclub, and Syd's dressed for the part

Now Vaughn starts to discussing the level of roughness they need to use to lure Nisard, and the discussion gets a bit kinky and personal

and Syd wonders if they're on comms and can be overheard

Father Jack says, oh yeah you are, young lady

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