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Syd has spots the bad guy and puts on a show ...

and Nisard takes the bait, looking for something kinky

which leads them to the bathroom where she roughs him up and steals

his PDA which she tosses to Vaughn

who lilnks it in to Marshall's laptop, who decrypts the files and finds

a mention of the Helix doubling protocol

The question is, was Irina Derevko doubled, and is she still alive, and the prize is not drowning in the toilet for the right answers

And the answers are yep, she was doubled, the double thought herself a noble sacrifice to the cause, and yep she's still alive, and hey, who cares because it's the end of the world anyways

and Vaughn has learned not to make Syd mad when they're near a toilet

Back at the APO

Jack tells Nadia that Syd also learned that Irina is being held in Guatemala

So Syd, Nadia, and Jack are off to the rescue

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