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Nadia interrupts the Nisard info with a demand to talk to Jack, asking why researching
Bishop won't get her very far looking for Irina

That's because I killed her, confesses Jack, because she put a contract out on Syd, but it may have been a double I killed, and we're looking for her now

Nadia, who has killed once to avenge Irina, suggests that Jack had better hope that Irina is indeed alive

Suddenly, things get dicier due to an unknown crisis at Sovogda that's got the whole
world watching

Marshall's hacker friend sends him some exclusive pics of rioting

and mayhem

and one gigantic Mueller red ball rotating above the city

And so they go once more into briefing mode - seems the Russians are claiming an
industrial accident and quarantine

but of course, the APO knows that it's really the giant Mueller device and the tainted
water supply that's causing the population to go postal


Vaughn asks the $64,000 question - can global warming be stopped by man-made intervention, or is it a natural phenomenon akin to cyclical warming trends found in geological records... sorry ... why the heck is Elena doing this? What's her endgame?

Only Irina knows for sure at this point in the episode

which is why they're being sent to get the info from Nisard the Covenant heavy

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