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The discussions get interrupted by a call from Langley - seems their plane is being

sp the feds can drive up

and arrest Irina

Back at the APO, Chase tells Syd that Irina is a terrorist and needs to be in custody,
and the Russians are planning to bomb Sovogda so everything will be OK

Syd tells Chase that blowing up the red ball will cause gigantic toxin flood, and
Irina is
the only one who can save the world, and Chase needs to trust Syd

And it seems Chase does trust Syd, so Irina is returned and

released to Jack

What a deal they have for Irina - she goes with them to Sovogda and saves the world
and then returns to CIA custody for the rest of her life, but she agrees. She also
lets Jack know that if she had been in Jack's position re the Syd contract, she'd have
found another way, and she's sorry about the Sloane affair

which makes Jack admit that he does feel bad about having killed her, Sloane affair no biggee, and isn't Nadia exceptional

Irina gives one of those cryptic smiles of hers, and says, I wonder where Nadia gets that from

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