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So Elena captured Irina, and tortured her, until she revealed all that the papers on "The Flood" said

But Irina says it's not too late, that if Syd comes with her, they can both stop Elena and save the world

But first she'd like to clean up a little

Sweet Nadia gives Irina some of the clothes she has brought along for her

and Irina finally uses her motherly perceptions

and realizes Nadia is her long-lost daughter

and it's big hugs all around

Back at the APO, Chase says the DSR has a team in Sovogda, but lost contact

and where exactly is Jack et al?

Rescuing Irina Derevko in Guatemala, reveals Vaughn

The newly-rescued Elena cleans up nicely

and sits down to discuss

plans on how to stop Elena in Sovogda

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