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A short time later they're in Tikal

Now girls, you go and find your mommy. I'll wait for you here. Got it?

They've got it

They've also got their rubber raft to speed down the river in to the camp with Mommy

Suddenly it's night when the girls arrive at the camp

Jack monitors the satellite data

which show the bad guys, the good guys, and the always ambiguous Irina

It looks like Irina is down this buried hatch, on the side of which are the numbers
4 8 15 15 23 42, and Hurley says don't open it because the numbers are cursed ...
oops, sorry, wrong show

But it is indeed Irina down the hatch

who thinks she might be halucinating until she has

this goochy-goochy-goo moment with Syd

while Nadia awaits above

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