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Sydney wakes up in the new episode and discovers

her friendly break-out-of-jail group working on their plan to frame the Covenant for
Sydney's escape, with Jack and Vaughn's alibi being they supposedly are running
around tracking the kidnappers

Jack says, Sloane's the guy who got you out, and he's got someone who can
retrieve your memories with no brain ouchies

And why didn't you mention this doc before, Sloane-whom-I'm-not-trustin'?

You didn't click your ruby slippers together and say, "I want help from Sloane, I want help from Sloane" Oh, and you never have to thank me as long as your'e alive

Lauren apologizes for being such a weinie and believing Lindsey

Jack's got the info that the code in the last episode are coordinates for a strip of desert near the San Andreas Fault, and by the way, what were the fake coordinates you gave Lindsey?

Somewhere in Simi Valley, maybe?

Somewhere in Simi Valley, there stands an innocent liquor store

and comic book store guy from the Simpson's

Back in LA, a very pissed Lindsey, who gets nothing from the raid, unless they picked up a bottle or two for him

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