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Sydney's waking again

with Vaughn sitting nearby

and Sydney likes this dream so much

she gives him a smooch

saying it's OK, she just misses him so much, and anyway it's only a dream

Vaughn says, uh, no

just as Jack breaks it up and says Syd's vitals are OK

and Syd's feeling a bit embarrassed

Back at the JTF, Marshall gives Lauren his severed hand report - no DNA match but the guy who lost it was alive 4 months ago

Lauren listens, then phones Jack with the details

Back in New Haven, the Dream Team is discussing Syd's interesting dreams, trying
to figure out what might be real and what's not

Dad, I cut off Lazarey's hand in the dream, but that can't be real because I bumped him off over a year ago, not 4 months ago

Jack says, yes but what if the video tape was a performance and not for real, and we'll get Marshall to check the hand DNA with Lazarey's - Larger

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