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Meanwhile, the FBI arrest Dixon on suspicion of conspiracy to impede
a federal investigation - i.e. Lindsey's pissed and wants someone to threaten

which he does in his first Dixon visit, saying he wants info on Sydney's escape

Dixon's info is along the lines of, just wait, you'll get yours, Lindsey

Lindsey does get the news that Lauren has reappeared, slightly injured, ejected from
a van in front of their headquarters

Lauren gives him 'the Covenant's' demands

and Lindsey gives her flack about suspicious timing and missing hubbies

Lauren gives Lindsey a promise to snitch on him to his superiors if he goes after
hubby and to wait for the Covenant call tonight

which he does

which is really Jack with exchange details

Jack takes a moment to thank Vaughn for his help extracting Sydney, and he use
to think Vaughn didn't have much of a spine

Vaughn says, changed your opinion?

Jack says, no

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