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Syd says, oh, and Vaughn, Lauren tried to strangle me
Vaughn says, yeah, but ... but ... that was a dream wifey and not real wifey ... right?

Doc says, well, maybe real, maybe dream. Or maybe physical manifestation of
someone else

so it's time for more drugs and Dream Syd will try to get a look into Room 47

Meanwhile, in another of those parking garages, Sloane goes to meet


Lindsey, who wants Sloane to arrange for a sniper to take out Sydney when they make the Rambaldi trade with the Covenant

Sloane says, that's a bit outside his parole, and why doesn't Lindsey just not make the trade and have the Covenant kill Sydney?

Lindsey says he wants assurances that Sydney is dead, and Sloane better do it or else,
because Lindsey knows what Sloane is really up to, conveniently and frustratingly written
down in this letter that Sloane reads but the audience never sees

So Lindsey leaves and Sloane gives him this look, and can you be any dumber than
to threaten Arvin Sloane?

Back at the JTF, Marshall gives Lauren the word that the DNA matched and the hand is Lazarey's

so Lauren calls Jack with the news

OK, this is a picture of Jack getting the news

Sydney goes under again with the psychedelic drugs in their psychedelic IV bags

and finds Dream Syd in a 50's car with fuzzy dice

and Dixon

and the car is a St. Aidan's, which Dixon says is hard to find

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