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And look, no Vaughn wedding ring

which Syd points out, which has Vaughn saying the head conk must have been a biggee and he loves her

and Syd says she loves him, and they kiss, and as he moves away he becomes ...

Arvin Sloane

The doc says, that's enough of this dream, you need to get down to business

and I'm talking through Sloane, so go back right now to the moments after you got knocked out

so 'Doc Sloane' symbolically tosses dreamin' Syd out of the ambulance and into

her apartment with gun in hand

and the Not Francie target in sight, and she does the usual - shoots Not Francie three times and passes out

So we get Dream Syd watching unconscious Syd

and the doc still looks like a druggee to Vaughn

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