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They pull into what looks like Sydney's house, and Dream Syd gets out with "the box"

while Weiss and Marshall play poker

and use the Rambaldi clock as an ashtray

They tell Dream Syd to find "that building" through the kitchen, which Dream Syd enters

and runs into Maybe Lauren, who says you shouldn't have come back
and you don't want to be here

Dream Syd asks, who are you, before

they fight again, this time with Dream Syd getting the upper hand

only to have the plastic ripped away and out comes Other Dream Syd (you can tell them apart because Other Dream Syd is in black)

who says you're so stubborn, we wanted to stay away, we know the Covenant
had us, and do you think it's an accident we don't remember anything?
Oh, and just to be totally enigmatic, Other Dream Syd adds, Trust Lazarey

There is this big Dream Syd on Other Dream Syd fight until

Dream Syd pulls a gun

and shoots Other Dream Syd

then goes to Door 47, opens it, and says

Oh My God .....
and whatever the heck that means is sure not going to be revealed this episode

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