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Meanwhile, somewhere in a narrow strip of desert near the San Andreas Fault


Syd and Jack get out their trusty metal detector and discuss Sloane, who took a bullet for Jack, helped Syd, put lots of pardon violations in their hands, and Syd still doesn't trust him

They do trust the metal detector that detects a metal box, and inside ...

a severed hand with a Rambaldi tattoo, which they examine back at their 'headquarters',
and decide to send to Marshall for testing

On to more urgent matters, Jack explains the plan - send Lauren back as fake hostage spokesman with request to trade Sydney to the CIA for a Rambaldi device that Sloane gave up when he got parole. And just in case this is all a plan of Sloane's to get it back, they'll trash the device when they get it

Lauren's thinkin' maybe trashing a fairly smooth make-up job would also be good

but Vaughn doesn't want facial ouchies for wifey

Sydney, however, with a great deal more sense, is more than willing to oblige
and takes her into another room where she ...

slugs her

for being a snitch

The hand's for thanks for helping with the prison breakout

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