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A while later, Jack, Sydney and Vaughn arrive at the New Haven lab of Dr. Bezzell

who turns out to be as flaky as his student 'assistant' who loves to hug

which has Jack worrying that maybe this guy isn't so great, except he's
their only hope

It's a little better after the doc explains his techniques

which involve lots of drugs and talking to his patient through headphones as they enter the dream state, to help them separate the made-up stuff from the real memories

OK, they are only slightly less worried now, but the hugging danger has passed

Now it's time for lots of drugs

Lots of Drugs

and sensors and headphones which the doc will talk through once she reaches REM sleep to get her to think about the moments at the end last season's finale, right after she passes out

So then the countdown 10-9-8...

and suddenlySydney's dreaming she's in an ambulance with Vaughn

who explains that Will will be OK although he's lost a lot of blood, and she was living with NotFrancie instead of Francie and she's got a concussion

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